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Loyalty Islands - Lifou - Mare - Ouvea

GIE Destination Iles Loyauté (DIL)
Management, Tourism Development Office
27 rue de Sebastopol NOUMEA
B.P : 343 - 98845 Nouméa Cedex
Phone : (687) 27.66.27
Fax : (687) 27.48.27

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..OUVEA , LIFOU, MARE, The perls of the South Pacific ...

The Loyalty Islands... Lifou, Mare and Ouvea, lands of legend and tradition, mystical islands of unique beauty...

Endowed with fabulous natural wealth, the most sumptuous landscapes that New Caledonia has to offer lie hidden within these islands : long deserted beaches of pristine white sand, enchanting crystal-clear turquoise lagoons, sheer cliffs majestically crowned with colonial pine trees, legendary rocks rising like medieval fortresses, fish and coral fauna found nowhere else in the world, multicolored sea-life unsullied by man...
And finally, the people. The Loyalty islanders have managed to preserve the most powerful traditions of the Territory of New Caledonia, an imaginary environment wrought with myths and legends.
When you visit the Loyalty Islands, you will get to know a people and their beliefs, you will discover Kanak life in all its authenticity, and you will enjoy the natural hospitality of the island people who will receive you like a favoured guest.



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Loyalty Islands- Lifou - Mare - Ouvea
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